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Calvin Klein Fragrances

Calvin Klein has over 100 fragrances in their range. My favourite is Forbidden Euphoria. I often gets comments when I wear this one. It has a beautiful dry down of musk, cashmere wood and patchoulli. What is your favourite Calvin Klein fragrance?

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Bal D’Afrique by Byredo

I love this niche perfume illustration. Mainly because it has one of my favourite perfumes in it – Bal D’Afrique by Byredo. Having discovered Byredo only recently, I’ve fallen in love with the brand. I have five of their fragrances in my store but I would love to have them all. You can smell the […]

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Lust List

I was trawling the internet and found this perfume Lust List… I love the illustration and several of the perfumes on the list. We have a number of these in stock at the moment:- Daisy by Marc Jacobs Chanel #5 Miss Dior by Christian Dior Black Orchid by Tom Ford Elie Saab Le Parfum Do […]

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MOR Marshmallow

  Have you guys tried MOR Marshmallow? I first came across this musky, sweet beauty when living in Broome about 10 years ago. I stopped the woman wearing it and asked what she was wearing and where I could buy it. Since then I have almost always had it in my collection. The body oil is […]

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Lush Products

I love Lush products. I love walking into Lush stores and taking a great big deep breath. I recently went into one of the Melbourne stores and spent way too much money. I headed to their perfume section… well what else is a perfume addict to do? I bought Vanillary and Karma in the solid […]

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10 Beautiful Winter Fragrances

(Photo borrowed from So now that winter is officially here, do you begin to wear fragrances on the warmer and heavier side? What do you wear in the colder months? I have recently discovered Narciso Rodriguez For Her and am seriously in love – pure musky heaven and perfect for winter. 10 Gorgeous Winter […]

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What Does Your Perfume Say About Your Personality?

I was reading this article on about what your perfume says about your personality.  It grouped women into 6 different personality types and made suggestions as to what perfume they may like based on their personality.  The personality types were – The Strong Individual, The Social Butterfly, The Sensual Female, The Natural, The Day […]

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Niche Perfume Brands

What is a niche perfume brand you might ask.  I am new to the topic, to be honest.  According to, fragrances are categorized as niche or mainstream according to the number of retail outlets stocking a scent or brand.  So most fragrances that you find in Myer/David Jones and other retail outlets would be […]

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Imitation vs Genuine Christian Dior Poison

How can you tell if you’ve bought an imitation perfume but paid a genuine price for a fragrance?  I recently bought a new bottle of Poison by Christian Dior from a reputable seller.  I bought a second bottle from eBay (as an experiment) which was sold as an unwanted gift.  There was one photo of […]

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