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Hello there fellow fragrance lovers,

My name is Melissa Woolcock and I live in the gorgeous surfing and wine region of Margaret River in Western Australia.  I am the mother of three beautiful young women and I have loved perfume since my early teens.  My obsession seems to have deepened with age.  Anyway, enough about me…

Do you love the smell of a perfume or cologne on someone when they walk past you and it’s such a gorgeous scent that you want to chase them down the street to find out what they’re wearing, where you can find it and how much it’s going to put you back?  I try not to chase people down the street but I do occasionally ask people what perfume or cologne they’re wearing.

I am officially a perfume addict.  My first big ticket purchase was a bottle of Christian Dior Poison with one of my first pay cheques as a 17 year old, a hefty $80.  The problem was I didn’t love the perfume, it gave people around me headaches and it cost me $80, a sizeable chunk out of my minimum wage.  I started this perfume sample business because I would like to offer you an opportunity to try a smaller sample size of a perfume that you’d like to try without breaking the bank.  At least if the perfume doesn’t suits your skin chemistry or it makes you want to instantly go scrub it off in the shower, you haven’t spent a lot of money.  Everybody wins.

I am certainly not an expert when it comes to perfume but there are plenty of perfumistas out there that I can learn from.  I do know, however that there are some perfumes that you love and ones you don’t like so much.  The ones you devour down to the last millilitre of vapour and the ones you wish you hadn’t spent so much money on that are now in the back of the bathroom cupboard growing cobwebs.  I encourage you to have a look around my site, maybe you see something that you’d like to try.

Let’s have some fun together experimenting.  What’s not to like about that?

Mel x

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