MOR Marshmallow

MOR Marshmallow 2


Have you guys tried MOR Marshmallow?

I first came across this musky, sweet beauty when living in Broome about 10 years ago. I stopped the woman wearing it and asked what she was wearing and where I could buy it. Since then I have almost always had it in my collection. The body oil is devine and perfect for my dry skin.

“Marshmallow is inspired by the playful yet sophisticated woman’s personality. This gently sweet fragrance contains notes of sugar rose petals, white carnation, jasmine, cotton candy, vanilla and musk.” – Fragrantica

MOR Marshmallow is definitely one of my go-to perfumes. I dabbed some on today. A couple of years ago there seemed to be a shortage of MOR Marshmallow and I hoped that they weren’t about to discontinue it as they had my most loved perfume of all time, Versace Blonde. Thankfully, they were just changing the style of the bottle but MOR Marshmallow bottles became scarce and very expensive for a while until they re-launched the new bottle.

What I love about Marshmallow is that it’s relatively cheap to buy – thank you MOR!!! I’ve seen it for as low as $53.90 on eBay with free postage – bonus.

Do you have a fave fragrance that is relatively light on the purse strings? Why not share your beauty scores with us?

If you’d like to try this gorgeous, musky lushness, I have a couple of hand creams in stock at the moment –

Happy scent sampling x